• Cylinders & Cylinder Heads

    TSA Cylinder Head M4-HK-SCAR NGR With Airlab Sorbopad

    Cylinder head for Tokyo Marui Next Gen Recoil m4/Scar/HK with large o-ring.  This particular o-ring ensures a perfect seal on all cylinders on the market, being able to adapt perfectly both to those with big or small holes. The high density UREPAN rubber is designed to maximize the damping effect while maintaining a high degree of silence. Front stop system specifically designed to absorb shock due to the firing cycle and maximize the life of the gearbox. 100% MADE IN ITALY

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  • Internal Parts

    Retro Arms POM Steel Teeth Piston For M4-HK NGR

    A very high quality piston from Retro Arms for the TM M4 and HK NGR Series.  This is best used with a FPS POM piston head.

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  • Magazines & Shells

    TM MTR16 Gas Magazine Black

    Short magazine made of aluminum die-casting: 20 magazines, aluminum die-cast magazine has high thermal conductivity, making it easier to warm the cold after gas injection. Gas magazine for TM M4A1 MWS  and TM MTR16.

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  • Deals

    Abbey Predator Maintenance Gas 144a 3 Pack

    Abbey Predator maintenance gas is designed to restore life to dry out seals in Airsoft GBB pistols and rifles, 40mm grenades and other gas devices. Each can has 270ml content and can restore magazines over and over.

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