TM KSG (Gas)

Not a typical shotgun, unique Bullpup style compact KSG. Operator can use the additional tube to store 2 extra shells.
The exterior has been measured in detail to achive the best possible reproduction of the real Kel-Tec KSG. Fully equipped with RIS rail system to attach tactical accessories.

£349.00 inc. VAT

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Product Details:

  • Gun Length 663 mm
  • Gun Height 260 mm
  • Gun Weight with empty gas tank: 2900g
  • Power source: 144a gas
  • Ammo source: 6mm BBs
  • Fire mode: 3 or 6 rounds burst per pump
  • Mag. capacity 2x 30 rounds
  • Double fixed Hop-Up for max. range

Additional information

Dimensions 29 × 82.5 × 11 cm

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